25 thoughts on “the Eldon Hotel, Saturday night”

  1. So Miss The Eldon!
    Oh so many great times gone by to remember. I have many memories from my mother working there, my dad going in for a few brews and then later myself once I was of age. Was always a great place for meeting up with friends to socialize hear many tunes and during the holidays was always a great place to gather to see old friends and family and meet new. So sad to see our little town here without it. As it brought so many of us together.

  2. Started off at penny’s arcade when we were kids. Moved up to the restaurant for coffee and fries at lunch during high school and to the bar when we were “of age”

  3. The Eldon was a great place to reunite with friends at Christmas time and other holidays as well. The ones that lived away came home and arrived at the Eldon Christmas Eve. That was a lot of fun for sure.

  4. Great that you are reminding the Englehart and area townsfolk of good times gone by. I remember the Eldon very well, from sitting in the lobby , being to young to go in ,with my pop and chips, that my dad had brought out to me, telling me he was just going to have a quick one with the boys….to when I turned of age and got to imbibe with the guys, a little too much sometimes…lol…anyway thanks for great memories Pat

  5. So sad to see the Eldon gone. We all have many memories, of good times had on that corner block in Englehart. Its an empty lot now, which is just a same.

  6. I absolutely loved it! Thanks so much for the memories Pat. The Eldon was a huge part of our latter years in Englehart. We were so lucky to grow up in / near a small town.

  7. Oh the memories. How sad it’s gone now. At least we will always have the memories. I still can see my father Larry Poulin bartending. Thanks for the memories.

  8. I love this! Amazing! Makes me remember some very awesome times at the Eldon! The music reminds me of my Mom and Jack Playford…. thank you for 3:30!

  9. Loved it. Thought I recognized the voices of a few Englehart people talking in the background. I’m sure I’m just dreaming, but if was nice to do so.
    Thanks for the thoughts and memories of the Eldon and home.
    It took me back.

  10. Looking forward to listening to it Pat. We are in Cuba right now so I can’t listen – I cant believe I am on the internet as it really is bad here. Maybe you should take requests for songs!

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