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  1. Very bittersweet, just found your blog today …and lost it the same day. But bittersweet is made up of two distinct words.. the sweet then..Dancing In the Moonlight was My favourite song in magic ’72 , as well…Good Morning Starshine captures the bright future we stated back then…although..The End, not so much..lol.

    Thanks so much Patty, each blog post brought back a sharp emotion of times of my life, the aforementioned *Happy ones* along with the pathos of having a former peer hold open a door ((Englehart ingrained kindness) call you sir and not recognize you..nor himself.
    Be well, and thanks for the memories!

  2. I have enjoyed listening and hearing your comments on a Town that has still many memories for me. We moved in 1971 and didn’t come back much but I still remember the good old days.

  3. I’m sorry to see the end of this year long episode of taking a trip back in time, and, in many situations, as you mentioned, finding out things about you that I never knew!
    I loved the music ( well most of it! Lol).
    But, most importantly, I loved your dialogue and learning more about YOU !
    I’m a very proud sister! You did an awesome job. ❤️

  4. I’ll miss listening when i get the chance…you finally got to do what you were dreaming about when you were sitting in the Bavarian Tavern drinking coffee and NOT making your calls…your friend..george

  5. Very well done Patrick. I hope you pick it up again. You have a gift that you should continue to pursue! Congrats on a great year!

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