about me


It’s 1969, I’m 18 years old and in grade 13.

No it’s not.  It’s 2018, I’m 66 years old and retired.

Here are some thoughts about a song that meant something to me for some reason.  The tunes are from my formative years, the good old days, but as we know those days were not all good.  Some were lonely, sad or even depressing.

Obviously then there is personal stuff here. Much of what is conveyed won’t hold much interest unless you grew up in the sixties and lived in small town Northern Ontario.

This is about where I was physically or my state of mind when I heard, or hear a song.  It is about evoked thoughts.

Now the question is:  Why would anyone care about what I was doing when Anne Murray’s, Snow Bird came on the radio for the first time, or what song was playing in the dorm the first time I got stoned on hash, or what the quintessential summer song is, or Christmas song . . .  Hell, why do I care?  Better yet, why do I even remember such things?

Welcome to a musical slice of my life .  .  . or about three minutes and thirty seconds worth. . .